Favourite Christmas Songs

1. The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York

2. Paul McCartney – A Wonderful Christmas Time
3. The full Phil Spector Christmas Album

I'm a bit bored, you see.

Post Office

A true story about the Post Office:

Today I went to the Post Office for some stamps for work. I asked for a book of stamps, and asked for a reciept. I then handed over my Switch card to pay. I was told that I couldn't buy stamps with a card, as she had already rung it through as cash. I asked if she could ring it through again as a card instead, to which I was told that it would make her till short, so no, she could not. I actually just laughed. She eventually did ring it through as a card, while giving me a stern telling off for not stating that I wanted to pay by card. She almost sent me away without stamps because of this.

And the Post Office and Royal Mail wonder why they are in trouble financially.


I just relaunched my personal site at

Wispa are back

I had a Wispa the other day. Amazing

Country Gent

My outfit for Connect this weekend. It's going to be a fairly well behaved festival on the west coast of Scotland, in the grounds of Inveraray Castle, so we have decided to dress as country gents for the weekend

Blunt Triangles

This is actually the best thing on YouTube. I mean it.

Sneak Peak of James Blunt on Sesame Street


I am overjoyed to learn that Cadburys have bowed to internet pressure, and are to bring back the Wispa. This is amazing news. Perhaps they will have a midnight opening at corner shops around the country for the relaunch. It could be like Harry Potter books or Radiohead albums, big queues, 'copies' signed by Cadbury staff, free giveaways of Fudge bars for the first hundred throught the door. Fanatics dressed as their favourite Wispa bubble.

I'd go.

QotD: Stress Case

People do many different things to cope with stress, loss, and "bumps in the road". How do you handle stress and hard times? 
Submitted by RedlyGal

Drink. As much as possible.


Does anyone have a spare Pownce invite kicking around? I'd be more than grateful. I want to see what all the fuss is about. Many thanks in advance.

QotD: Sorry, You Can’t Wear That Anymore

What clothing item do you wish could be banned?
Submitted by Mike E.

Where do I start?

Ugg boots, skinny jeans, those t shirts that rip off the "Frankie Says Relax" shirts with terrible slogans on them, girls tops with one shoulder cut off, 2 tone shirts, the list goes on….

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