I haven't had the time i would have liked to devote to these end of year lists, but I'm going to try and throw something together anyway. It is difficult to organise this when all my music is in boxes and piles all over my flat. Here are some albums, in no order at all, that I have really enjoyed this year:

Spank Rock: YoYoYoYoYo
Cat Power: The Greatest
Grizzly Bear: Yellow House
CSS: Cansei De Ser Sexy
Final Fantasy: He Poos Clouds
The Gossip: Standing in the Way of Control
Hot Chip: The Warning
Beirut: Gulag Orkester
How To Swim: The Littlest Orgasm
Saint Jude's Infirmary:
Happy Health Lucky Month
The Raconteurs: Broken Boy Soldier
The Long Blondes: Someone To Drive You Home
Broken Social Scene: Broken Social Scene

I'm sure I have missed some obvious ones. I will try and add more as I think of them. Sorry, this is quite a boring list of obvious stuff, apart from the 2 Scottish bands. I will try harder with the other lists, but I just don't have much time