What are 5 things you'd like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

1. work in a job i love. i don't mind my job, but it aint what i want to do with my life. i want something that will excite me. have to get my ass in gear and look for one though.

2. work for myself. i think this may take the full 5 years, or possibly more, but it is what i am working towards.

3. do something i am proud of in music. be in a band, run a good club, release records for people, i don't care what.

4. travel. go to some really interesting places, ideally for an extended period of time, not just a long weekend or a week. this might not happen in the next 5, what with everything else i want to do, so it might just have to be the odd long weekend or week here and there.

5. learn to switch off. i am a fidget (sp?). i always have stuff on my mind, stuff to do, a list, things i could be doing instead of sitting around. i am not very good at just doing nothing.