1-1 Mentorship

General design and product mentorship

My 20 years in tech and 8 years in leadership at startups, scaleups, and public companies gives me great experience to deliver 1-1 mentoring services for individuals and/or teams. These can be single or regular sessions, either catering to your general needs or on specific topics like:

  • Design feedback
  • Skills asessments
  • Career advice
  • Success in a new role
  • Levelling up the influence of design or product in an organisation
  • Career frameworks
  • Problem-solving
  • Hiring
  • Running workshops
  • Getting into leadership
  • Taking leadership to the next level

To discuss your needs, email me: andy [at] this website or contact me on LinkedIn.

"He helped me evaluate my CV and also shared valuable job search tips. The conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere and was as useful as possible. I recommend everyone to sign up." —Alexey Komarov, Lead Designer ex-IBM

"An actual design leader. We spoke about progression, depth of experience and further support I can get. I would definitely keep Andy close!" —Mayur Soneji, Senior Product Designer at Smartnumbers

"I'm truly impressed! In just two 30-minute sessions with Andy, I've gained a wealth of valuable insights. Andy proves to be an exceptionally supportive and intelligent mentor." —Vahan Hovhannisyan, Head of Design at Perkbox

"I really appreciated my time with Andy. He provided me with lots of useful tips and helped me seeing opportunities I wasn't aware of. Thank you, Andy!" —Gianluca Cherubin, Staff Product Designer at Checkout.com

Pro bono leadership mentoring


I do some pro-bono 1-1 mentorship with design and product leaders or those looking to get into leadership. Spaces are very limited.

Andy Lobban

Edinburgh, Scotland