What's the most drastic change you've ever made to your appearance?
Submitted by Laurie.

although when i was in my late teens my friends and i experimanted with some trully weird clothing, the most drastic change i suppose was one of my possibly ill-advisd but much-cherished haircuts. the two that stick out are the mohawk and the afro.

the mohawk, of which i had a few was when i was about 17-18, in a band, and i thought i was punk rock. i wasnt. i wanted to look a bit different, and we wore stupid clothes and did stupid things cos we wre 17/18 and we thought we were oh so original and cool. we werent. and to go with that i decided a short mohawk was the way to go. so really short hair on the sides, with a thin strip of longer hair over the top. not a proper 70s punk mohawk. i couldnt have grown one (thank god) because of the way my hair grows (see afro, below), and i went to a conservative private school where i would have recieved a trip to see someone important to be shouted at for my efforts anyway. so i had this sort of half mohawk thing, which would look ok for a few weeks (this was pre-emo btw), and then i would be lazy and not get it trimmed, so it would just grow into a weird mess. also, it would almost always be cut by my friends while consuming vast amounts of booze, before a gig, or late at night, which meant it was almost always a bit wonky. i didn't care. i wore a rupert the bear jumper.

the other style was the afro. my hair grows really wiry and curly when it gets any longer than an inch. so i decided (or quite possibly was persuaded by friends) to let it grow. i did this 3 times between the ages of 16 and 20 i think. each time i added to the fun by bleaching my hair almost platinum blonde. so at 3 different periods in my late teens and early twenties i has a peroxide blonde afro. a pasty white boy with an afro. and it was kinda big too. big enough for my head not to fit into my hats anymore. i'll never forget walking into my first uni class after summer and having the hole class double over in laughter. they already thought i was weird. this just took the biscuit.