SXSW 2011


This year's SXSW was different in a few ways. First, I was only officially attending the Music portion this year for the first time in 4 years. Secondly, the wife was joining me for the first time. As the festival/conference/whatever seems to grow every year, the wide eyed enjoyment has yet to wain. The stupid amount of amazing bands to see, the drinking, the eating, and hanging out in a city I adore, in venues and bars I adore is still as fun as it's always been. The crew has grown quite a bit, which makes plans difficult to execute, but that's probably part of the fun.

I finally got my photos uploaded to Flickr.

I thought I'd mention the bands I saw that I really enjoyed (there a quite a few) and I urge you to check some of them out if your taste falls anywhere near mine. I won't bore you with reviews or any of that nonsense. Just follow the links and enjoy some amazing music. Some are completely new to me, some I like but had never seen, and some are old favourites.

Andy Lobban

Edinburgh, Scotland