Have you ever met any celebrities? Any interesting stories?
Submitted by Tasha.

I'm trying to remember who the most famous celebrity I have met is. The question also depends on what you class as a celebrity. I speak to quite a lot of musicians at gigs, and I guess that counts. The last 2 that I can remember are Russell from The Research and Ali and Tom from Morning Runner.

I met Russell at the bar in the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, after they had supported Maximo Park. I said, "I really like your band". He said, "I really like it when people say that". We chuckled and that was about it.

I met Ali and Tom backstage at the Belladrum Festival near Inverness. We wondered around backstage drinking, ended up behind the bar at one point, and then went and watched Stephen Fretwell while we talked bollocks. Very nice lads.

The most famous ones I can remember just now are meeting Andy Crane (of Children's BBC fame) and Bill Wyman (Ex Rolling Stone) in the same restaurant (Wyman's Sticky Fingers in fact) when I was about 10. I didn't have a clue who Bill Wyman was, but my dad was quite excited. And I saw Louis Walsh coming out of Tower Records in Dublin once. He looked really grumpy. Not so exciting.